Must Visit These Best Museum Exhibits In Los Angeles in 2024

The city is a haven for thought-provoking creativity, showcased in world-class galleries annually. However, some art experiences are fleeting, making them irresistible. These seven museum exhibits in Los Angeles 2024 showcase an extraordinary blend of creativity and innovation. Continue reading to learn more about Museum Exhibits In Los Angeles.

7 Best Museum Exhibits In Los Angeles

1. Hugh Hayden – Open Till January 13, 2024

Hugh Hayden's at Lisson Gallery Museum Exhibits In Los Angeles

Hugh Hayden’s debut solo show at Lisson Gallery in Los Angeles employs a variety of materials, each with a rich, layered history—rare indigenous woods, rattan, cast iron, church benches, hair, and African souvenirs, which makes the best museum exhibits in Los Angeles. His art, representing human lives and historical narratives, explores themes such as assimilation, empowerment, and acceptance of diversity. Hayden ingeniously challenges traditional American societal norms, emphasizing themes of identity, agency, and acceptance through metaphorical disruptions.

2. Sébastien Léon, ‘A Crack in My Cosmetic Egg’ – Open Till February 15, 2024

Sébastien Léon, 'A Crack in My Cosmetic Egg' Praz-Delavallade Los Angeles muesum exhibit

Praz-Delavallade Los Angeles welcomes Sébastien Léon’s first solo exhibition, “A Crack in My Cosmic Egg,” from January 13 to February 15, 2024. Sébastien Léon is from the town where da Vinci spent his last days. Growing up in Amboise, France, surrounded by da Vinci’s creations on exhibit in a museum, he learned the language of surrealism. Surrounded by the legacy of da Vinci and Robert Houdin, a renowned magician, Léon accepted magic as a way of life. He eventually settled in Los Angeles and, like many others seeking new ideas, explored art, drawn to the city’s culture of creativity and spiritual discovery.

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3. Sam Gilliam: The Last Five Years – Open Till March 3, 2024

Sam Gilliam: The Last Five Years museum exhibits in Los Angeles David Kordansky Gallery and Pace Gallery

David Kordansky Gallery and Pace Gallery proudly present “Sam Gilliam: The Last Five Years,” divided into two parts. Gilliam’s Drape series and previously unknown watercolors will be on show at the David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles from January 13 to March 3, 2024. Pace Gallery in New York previously featured his beveled-edge canvases till October 28, 2023. Both displays focus on Gilliam’s tondo paintings, which he spent much time on in his later years. These reveal previously unseen artworks, supported by a combined catalog from Pace Publishing and David Kordansky Gallery.

4. Alejandro Cardenas: Porta-MANTIS – Open Till 2 March, 2024

Alejandro Cardenas: Porta-MANTIS museum exhibits in Los Angeles at Anat Ebgi

Anat Ebgi proudly presents Porta-MANTIS ™, featuring fresh works by Alejandro Cardenas, a Chilean artist currently working in New York. It is Cardenas’ second solo display at the gallery. Join us for the opening celebration at 4859 Fountain Avenue on Thursday, January 11, from 5 to 7 p.m. Cardenas creates Porta-MANTIS ™ paintings with custom aluminum frames, allowing for simple transportation. The term portable, originating from ‘portare,’ which means to carry, refers to their small weight.


5. Louise Lawler – GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS – Open Till February 10, 2024

Louise Lawler - GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS museum exhibits in Los Angeles

Louise Lawler delves into the essence of art, looking at how it is created, displayed, and understood. Her photographs and edits examine how meaning emerges in different contexts. Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers introduce “GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS,” which features Lawler’s current museum exhibitions in Los Angeles. Lawler explores art history and her creations through her series of swiped, adjusted-to-fit, and traced pieces. She investigates the power of institutions and artists, challenging their influence.

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6. Gideon Rubin: Substance to Shadows – Open Till January 16, 2024

Anat Ebgi proudly presents ‘Substance to Shadows,’ a collection of new paintings by Israeli artist Gideon Rubin, based in London. It is Rubin’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Rubin’s art is expressed in a concentrated, restrained figurative style, with minimal gestures hinting at rather than defining scenes, figures, and landscapes. His creative process is based on reduction and limitation, as evidenced by his controlled, nuanced palette of vintage photos, film snapshots, and magazine cutouts. However, narratively, he encourages viewers to explore freely, leaving plenty of room for personal interpretation within the evocative spaces he creates.

7. Golnaz Payani – On the other side of the wall – Open Till February 15, 2024

Golnaz Payani - On the other side of the wall museum exhibits in Los Angeles

Praz-Delavallade Projects Los Angeles proudly presents the museum exhibit in Los Angeles 2024 named ‘On the Other Side of the Wall,’ which features Golnaz Payani’s first LA exhibition. Payani’s meticulously woven works within antique frames, reimagining historical tales, will be on display from Saturday, January 13, until February 15, 2024. Her work ritualizes portrait arrangements, transforming empty walls into treasured relics that preserve the essence and memories of faces. Payani explores themes of disappearance and fabric’s symbolic transformation, inspired by her experiences in Tehran during the Iran-Iraq war and influenced by missing persons after the war.


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